Only here you will find seedlings of the world's leading varieties of remontant and non-repairable strawberries.

Distinguishing features:

  • High harvest until late autumn. With proper care and observance of agricultural technology, varieties give from 1.5 to 5 kg per bush (depending on the variety) per season – both in the garden and on farm land. You can pick berries from the bush until late frost.
  • Presentation. Large, one-size, fruits with a glossy surface have an exceptional presentation, high keeping quality, excellent taste and aroma. With such a harvest, you are guaranteed excellent retail and wholesale sales.
  • Versatility. All varieties of strawberries are suitable for cooking – making delicious jams, jams, marmalades, compotes, freezing, etc.

Health guarantee. We are responsible for the health of each seedling, and we guarantee that you will not bring any diseases and parasites to your site, as happens when buying seedlings from private individuals / from someone else's garden.