Vaskhnil Nursery

Scientific Farming Center

In the heart of Siberia, on the fertile lands of the famous VASKhNiL, there is a nursery of the world's best varieties of fruit crops. Agronomists with 10 years of experience in selecting, professionally growing and caring for plants work here. We are responsible for each seedling, preparation and material sold. We guarantee that following our advice, you will get an excellent healthy harvest even on 6 acres.


Meristematic plants

In our own laboratory under sterile conditions, we obtain microplants for growing high-quality, virus- and infection-free, first-generation seed material that gives healthy and rich harvests.

It's all about the oil

Cold-pressed oils

We produce oils from the highest grade raw materials by manual cold pressing, without fragrances and fragrances. We get – pure organic product that retains all the beneficial properties contained in the plant.

VASKhNiL in Kyrgyzstan

Seeds and seedlings from the south

We are cooperating with colleagues from Kyrgyzstan, replenishing the range of varieties of pear, apple, sea buckthorn, currant with new, including rare, seedlings.

Everything for a high yield

We offer gardeners and farmers:

Tested seedlings and seeds

leading varieties of world and domestic selection for horticulture and industrial production.

Showrooms and greenhouses

for a stable harvest in all climatic conditions. Turnkey production, automation.

Hydroponic Shelving

We produce and supply racks with growing automation systems. Container for growing strawberries.


Own worm farm, breeding Californian worms.

Soils and fertilizers

Production of own soils and organic fertilizers.


for feeding and processing plants, which give an excellent effect without poisoning the land and crops.

Strawberry seedlings

A profitable business on any scale

Our products will help you get an excellent harvest, both on farmland and on six acres. You can start a berry business regardless of the size of your plot.

Commercial qualities of the fruits that our seedlings give: size, size, beautiful appearance, keeping quality, transportability, as well as excellent taste and aroma.

This guarantees you excellent retail and wholesale sales of berries in the fresh market and through stores.

Make money from your harvest – using our products.

Teaching – how to achieve the result

We will tell and show you how to take care of plants so that they give a consistently high yield.

Our specialists, agronomists and technologists, in practice check the yield of each variety. The effectiveness of certain methods of cultivation and care. The effectiveness of fertilizers and preparations.

They will be happy to share their knowledge with you, give you all the necessary recommendations so that you are satisfied with the quality of your crop.

Microgreen – vitamins all year round

In the greenhouses of the Nursery, we have organized all the conditions for growing microgreens – an inexhaustible source of natural vitamins and minerals.

You can buy fresh microgreens from us in bulk and in small batches for making salads, soups, cocktails, smoothies, decorating dishes, etc. We invite you to cooperate with catering establishments: restaurants, cafes, etc.

We also offer microgreen seeds for self-growing.

If cheap, then for some reason

We know firsthand what it means to invest effort, money and soul in your harvest.
It's a shame to take care of the plants for several months, but in the end you never get the result.
Therefore, when we are asked: Why are your seedlings more expensive than those of private traders?

We answer with guarantees:

High Yield Guarantee

We sell seedlings of high-yielding industrial varieties. And we guarantee that with proper care and following the recommendations of our agronomists, you will get a consistently high yield, large and tasty fruits.

Compliance Guaranteed

Unlike individuals, we never sell one variety after another. Buying seedlings in our nursery, you can be 100% sure that the variety you expected will grow.

Security guarantee

Our agronomists are responsible for the health and ecological cleanliness of each seedling, which means that you will not bring any diseases and parasites to your plot or plantation, as happens when buying seedlings from someone else's garden.

If you're not willing to risk – buy at VASKhNiL!