Hydroponic Plant Automation

Device for automated control of
hydroponic plant

Indispensable helper of the city farmer

Minimizing labor costs

All processes: supply of nutrient and water solutions, lighting intensity, temperature, microclimate, etc., – controls the device. Just set the program and wait for the harvest.

Ready profiles

The device program is already loaded with ready-made growing profiles created by experienced agricultural technicians. You can include them or set your own parameters.

Embedded Analytics

All changes in the parameters of the hydroponic installation are displayed on the graphs. With their help, you can track and analyze the consumption of electricity, the consumption of solutions and other processes. Make changes if necessary.

Easy to manage

Thanks to an intuitive interface, you can easily control the hydroponic installation, get statistics using the device's touch screen, as well as remote access tools - mobile devices, PC, Internet.

Automate your growing process and get a quality crop effortlessly!

Automation works for you

Using a system of 8 sensors, the device creates the best conditions for the successful growth and development of plants. It is able to take into account, control and change the parameters of the hydroponic installation, namely:

Control pH

Based on the readings of the pH sensor, the pumps bring the acid-base balance to the required level, add the right amount of acid or alkali to the solutions.

Composition of mycoelements

Based on the readings of the TDS sensor, the pumps deliver the composition of micro- and macroelements to the plants, taking into account the requirements for the current stage of plant growth.

Light Modes

The system regulates the operation of lamps in the supplementary lighting mode, controls artificial lighting in accordance with the schedule.

Water level in the tank

A special sensor monitors the level of the solution in the tank, as soon as it falls below the norm, it turns on the pump to supply water.

Solution temperature

The program monitors the temperature of the nutrient solutions in the tank, lowers or raises it if necessary.

Air temperature

The system independently controls the temperature regime - turn on or off the heater and air conditioner.

Air humidity

Using a special sensor, the device can control automatic air humidifiers.

CO2 concentration

Supply CO2 according to settings and automatically turn on air ventilation to reduce carbon dioxide levels.


The growing automation device is a modular system that can be easily modified when expanding production.

An unlimited number of monitoring and control devices can be connected to the device: several solution units, sensor blocks, sockets, pumps and others in any order.

Remote control of the unit

Control one or more hydro and aeroponic grow automation devices remotely via wireless hotspot and internet.


Set up a wireless access point to the instrument and manage the – pumps, profiles, sensors, – using radio modules at a distance of up to 100 meters (up to 500 m with line of sight).

The access page is highly secure

Cloud Service

Connect the device to the Internet – change profiles, adjust lighting, temperature, CO2 and more for each stage of plant growth at a distance. Set up notifications from the system to e-mail in your cloud service account.

Scope of delivery

  • Instrument with software
  • PH sensor – 1pc
  • Combined sensor TDS + solution temperature.
  • Climate control module CLIMATE-01OG (temperature, humidity, light, CO2 level).
  • Solution level measurement module.
  • Light and humidity control module.
  • Module for maintaining the level and changing the solution.
  • Control module for CO2 gas supply and exhaust valve.
  • Power supply 12V.
  • User's manual in the form of an electronic document with free.
  • Growing schemes in the form of an electronic document.
  • Warranty – 12 months.

You can ask questions about the operation and purchase of an automatic growing control device to our specialists by phone. 8 800 551-74-01