Film for greenhouses SVETLITSA thickness 100 microns

  • Film thickness: 100 µm
  • Material: EVA - copolymer
  • Film spread width: 3 meters
  • Length of film per roll: 80 meters
  • Color: Light yellow
  • Service life: from 7 years
Film thickness 100 µm
Film width 3

Greenhouse film "Svetlitsa" – it is a frost-resistant and durable material made of EVA copolymer. This unique film does not need to be dismantled for the winter. With proper installation and operation, it will last at least 7 years.

Properties of greenhouse film "Svetlitsa"
  • has high transparency;
  • has elasticity;
  • frost-resistant (withstands temperatures down to -80°C);
  • wind resistant.
Efficiency of film for greenhouses

Ideal for growing various seedlings, seedlings, flowers, as well as fruits and vegetables.

Film Benefits

Due to its high strength, the film coating withstands sudden changes in temperature, hail, snow, and retains elasticity even in the most severe frosts. The roof of the structure can be easily cleared of snow without fear of tearing the film.

The film has a hydrophilic surface, thanks to which condensate in the form of drops does not form in the greenhouse. Water does not fall on the plants, the condensate is evenly distributed over the canvas, and in case of an excess it flows down the wall.

Svetlitsa greenhouse film additives

UV - UV additive stabilizes the film and prevents it from breaking down under the influence of ultraviolet rays

IR - Infrared additive allows you to maintain the temperature inside the greenhouse

AF - The antifog additive attracts moisture, so no droplets form in the greenhouse

EVA - Properties of the film with EVA copolymer: high strength, resistance to punctures and cracking, rubber-like, service life up to 7 years without removal for the winter.

mLLDPE - Properties of a film with metallocene linear polyethylene: high strength, wind and hail resistance, service life up to 5 years without removal for the winter