Plum Peresvet

Pollination: self-fertile

Fruiting: early ripening

Fruits: 14-19 gr., sweet and sour

Yield: up to 30 kg/tree

Zoning: Ural, Siberia.

Selection: Altai Territory

Ripening period Early ripe variety
Selection Russia
planting material Plum

The plum variety Peresvet was bred by the employees of the Research Institute of Horticulture of Siberia. M.A. Lisavenko (Barnaul) by selecting seedlings obtained as a result of free pollination of the Altai Yubileinaya plum tree. The new variety was accepted for state trials in 1990. Included in the State Register – in 1994. It is zoned according to the East and West Siberian regions. Today, the variety is successfully grown in nurseries of the Altai and Krasnoyarsk Territories, the Novosibirsk Region.

Variety advantages: high winter hardiness and productivity, large tasty fruits, earlier ripening.

Characteristics of the variety

Treeshort 2-2.5 m., medium thickened. Crown – back pyramidal shape. Shtamb – short, gray-brown branches depart at an acute angle. Escapes – thickened, straight, brown-red. Leaves – large (7.5 x 12 cm), wide oval shape with uneven edges. The plate is dark green in color, the petiole and the central vein on the underside of the leaf – dark red. Flowers – white, medium size, bell-shaped with oval curved petals. Bloom to foliage, two flowers from one bud. Fruits are formed mainly on bouquet branches.

Fruits large, weighing 14-19 gr. Form – rounded, with a pronounced ventral suture. Peel – tender, orange with a scarlet blush, there is a wax coating. Pulp – rich yellow hue, juicy, with an easily detachable stone. Taste of ripe plums – sweet with slight sourness, the skin is not bitter.

"Peresvet" – universal drain. Excellent for fresh consumption and canning. Transportability and keeping quality of – low, long-term transportation and storage is not subject.

Yields are high but irregular. The tree begins to bear fruit in season 3-4. Plum ripens  pretty early – in the 2nd decade of August. By the beginning of autumn, they manage to harvest the entire crop.

Immunity. The variety has increased resistance to clasterosporia and plum codling moth. Often affected by Maslovsky's seed-eater, unstable to aging.

Pollination. "Peresvet" – self-fertile variety. Cross-pollination requires proximity to other types of plum trees that bloom at the same time. Otherwise, the plum will not bear fruit.

Selection of seedlings

Before you buy plum seedlings of the "Peresvet" variety, carefully inspect them.

For a healthy seedling:

  • Roots – well developed, moist, fibrous, without strange stains and putrid smell.
  • Stamp – in a good condition. Bark – without cracks, wrinkles and dryness.
  • Branches – fresh, elastic, with swollen buds.
  • Age of the tree – one-year-old. Height – about 1.5 m.

Beware of counterfeit planting material! Buy plum seedlings «Peresvet» in nurseries and specialized stores.


Phase Operation Biopreparations Comment
Pre-plant tillage Disease treatment SBT-Trichodermin TH82 Fight against overwintering forms of pathogens
30-100 g/20 l of water per 1 weave
top dressing SBT-Ekosoil Stimulation of biological activity
50 g per 20 l of water / 1 weave
root formation Disease treatment SBT-Fitolek BS26 Soaking the roots of seedlings
Prevention of the development of a wide range of fungal diseases
60 g/10 l for 50 pcs. seedlings
SBT-Trichodermin TH82 Prevention of the development of a wide range of fungal diseases.
Soaking the roots of seedlings 60 g/10 l for 50 pcs
vegetation top dressing SBT-Biocomplex Amino Processing in the phase of bud break
Stimulation of leaf formation 10–20 ml/10 l per 100 m2
Bloom Disease treatment SBT-Trichodermin TH82 Prevention of late blight, powdery mildew, root rot, gray mold, leaf spot
40 g/10 l per 100 m2
SBT-Fitolek BS26 Processing in the budding phase
Prevention of powdery mildew, alternariosis, anthracnose, fomopsis, gray mold, curliness, septoria, tuberculariasis
40 g / 10 l per 1 weave
Pest control SBT-Actaro E Processing in the budding phase
Control of pests weevils, bronzovka, mites, aphids, sawflies.
10 g/10 l per 1 weave
Fruiting Disease treatment SBT-Trichodermin TH82 During the period of fruit formation (1-2 treatments) at intervals of 20-25 days
40 g/10 l per 1 weave
SBT-Fitolek BS26 Prevention of powdery mildew, alternariosis, monoliosis, cocomycoses, leaf spots, fruit rot
During the period of fruit formation (1-2 treatments) at intervals of 20-25 days
Pest control SBT-Entolek Ticks. Pest control mites, psyllids or suckers, scale insects, flower beetle, weevil, aphids, codling beetles, mites, moths, sawfly l of water per 100m2
top dressing SBT-Biocomplex Amino During fruit formation (1-2 treatments) at intervals of 20-25 days
20-30 ml/10 l per 100 m2
After harvest Disease treatment SBT-Trichodermin TH82 Autumn processing
Reducing the stock of overwintering forms of pathogens
spraying 120 g per 10–15 liters per 1 weave