A preparation for improving the microbiological condition of the soil, increasing the number of available forms of macro- and microelements, stimulating the development of beneficial microflora and improving the structure.

Brand SibBioTech
Purpose Base
View Dry
Growing method Substrates, The soil
Application spraying
Producing country Russia
plant care top dressing

Active substance: Concentrated forms of rhizospheric microorganisms: soil nitrogen fixers of the genus Bacillus azotofixans (2 strains) phosphorus and potassium mobilizers of the genus Bacillus spp. (5 strains) antagonists of pathogenic fungi and bacteria Streptomyces spp, Trichoderma spp.; biologically active substances of bacterial origin: phytohormones, vitamins, amino acids, etc.; growth regulators: humic and fulvic acids; trace elements. Total titer: not less than 5x109 CFU/g. Preparative form Water-soluble powder.

Particulars of use

  • The preparation is used for tillage before sowing, both in autumn and spring, by spraying, followed by incorporation into the soil (cultivation, disking).
  • Treatment of the seed bed at the same time as sowing.
  • Before adding the dry form of the drug to the working solution, it is recommended to pre-dissolve it in a small amount of water (10 & ndash; 15 l).
  • Spraying is carried out in the morning or evening. Do not use in strong sunlight.
  • The temperature of the working solution should not be lower than + 10 °C;

Storage conditions

Keep at t° from + 2 °С to + 25 °С in a dark place, protected from direct sunlight

Shelf life 12 months

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