Peat neutralized

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Acidity: neutral, pH 5.5-6.5

Density: ≤170kg/m³

Fraction: 0-10 mm

Production: Russia

Nursery VASKhNiL – official dealer of the Russian Peat Company (RTK) in Siberia. We offer to buy neutralized high-moor peat from environmentally friendly peat deposits in the Smolensk and Sverdlovsk regions.

Peat characteristics

  • Mass fraction of moisture: ≤ 65%
  • pH of saline suspension: 5.5-6.5
  • pH of aqueous suspension: 5.8-6.8
  • Conductivity, mS/cm: ≤0.5
  • Bulk density (dry): ≤170 gr.

What is neutralized peat?

Neutralized peat is obtained by adding limestone flour to natural high-moor peat with a low degree of decomposition. Thus, they neutralize the increased & nbsp; acidity up to pH 5.5-6.5.

Neutralized peat is used:

  • To improve soil structure when growing vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs, potted plants, etc., which react negatively to increased soil acidity.
  • For mulching the soil, sheltering the roots of perennial plantings from freezing.
  • As a base for preparing substrates for greenhouses, low-volume technologies, composts, etc.

Application features

Neutralized peat can be used as an independent soil with the addition of a complex of mineral fertilizers. Or use ready-made Peat nutrient substrate from RTK.

The advantages of neutralized high-moor peat

  • Enriches depleted soil with nitrogen, potassium and other useful substances.
  • It passes air well and retains moisture, which contributes to the active growth and strengthening of the root system of vegetable crops and plants.
  • Unlike acidic high-moor peat, it does not need to be limed beforehand.

 Russian Peat Company (RTC)

  • RTK – holding for the extraction and processing of agropeat. Official representative of the International Society of Peat Bogs in Russia. Engaged in the development of new peat deposits.
  • Produces and processes peat at its own production facilities using world technologies.
  • Creates innovative peat-based products for all types of crops.
  • Produces finished peat products.

Resource base of RTK – environmentally friendly deposits, peat deposits in the Smolensk and Sverdlovsk regions.

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