Film for greenhouses Vatan Plastik thickness 150 microns semi-sleeve

  • Half sleeve
  • Light transmittance 87%
  • UV6 (Season 6)
  • Film thickness: 150 µm
  • Film spread width: 14.16 meters
  • Length of film per roll: 33, 50, 100 meters
  • Lifetime: 12 - 60 months
  • Used to cover all types of greenhouses
Brand Vatan Plastik
Film thickness 150 µm
Film width 14, 16


  • Half sleeve
  • UV6 (Season 6)
  • Light transmittance 87%
  • Thickness 150 µm;
  • Width 14.16 m;
  • Length 33, 50, 100 m.
  • Color: Colorless

The film has improved performance characteristics (wind load, resistance to mechanical stress) and has proven itself in all climatic zones of Russia and the CIS countries. This is achieved by including various additives in each of the layers of the film.

For example:

UV — additive that ensures the resistance of the greenhouse coating to ultraviolet;

IR — infrared stabilizers that provide a heat-saving effect and avoid sudden changes between night and day temperatures;

AF — additive "antifog", which prevents the formation of condensate on the inside of the film. More precisely, the dew actually flows down without the formation of drops, which can have a "lens effect", excluding the formation of burns in plants;

AB — antibacterial additive that prevents the reproduction of aphids, midges and other leaf parasites. Reduces the cost of using pest control chemicals;

EVA — a component that increases the frost-resistant qualities of the film. Makes the film elastic, eliminating the possibility of breaks and cracking, increasing the life of the greenhouse cover;

LD — light-scattering additive that contributes to soft and uniform light dispersion around the perimeter of the greenhouse. This allows you to get a quality crop in a shorter time. Depending on the crops grown, an important indicator when choosing a film is light transmission. In the standard version, the film is produced with this indicator equal to 87%.