St. John's wort Zolotodolinsky seeds 0.1g

A perennial plant of very high medicinal value known since ancient times.

planting material St. John's wort

A long-standing perennial plant of very high medicinal value. St. John's wort is rare in nature, so it is useful to have this plant in the garden. The first time St. John's wort is harvested in the phase of the beginning of flowering, carefully cutting off the upper parts of long (25-30 cm) shoots with flowers. Abundant flowering is noted for 2-3 years. Dry the grass in a well-ventilated place protected from the sun at t° not more than 40°C. Growing features: In the spring, before sowing, the seeds are stratified.

Autumn sowing allows you to do without stratification. Seeds are sown superficially, without incorporation into the soil. Within a month, the seedlings need careful care, as they are very tender and develop very slowly.