Organic Tomato Fertiliser

Organic fertilizer for tomatoes and peppers, also suitable for cucumbers and eggplants

Brand Growth Technology
planting material Eggplant, tomatoes, Pepper, cucumbers
Purpose Base
View Liquid
Growing method Substrates, The soil
Phase Bloom, vegetation
Application Root top dressing
Producing country Great Britain

Growth Technology Green Future Organic Tomato Fertiliser. A solution of pure organic plant extracts.

Designed to optimally nourish tomatoes, chili and peppers. Suitable for cucumbers and eggplants. Supports lush, healthy growth and maximum fruit yields, as well as great taste. A mixture of humic and fulvic acids, as well as seaweed and other vegetable fertilizers, ensures proper nutrition throughout the life cycle of plants.

The product is completely natural and non-toxic.


  • When germinating and at the growth stage: 5 ml per 1 liter of water - water 2-3 times a week;
  • In the flowering phase and at the beginning of the fruiting phase: 10 ml per 1 liter of water - water 1-2 times a week


Phase Operation Biopreparations Comment
Pre-plant tillage top dressing Organic fertilizer "TOR" Main application in April, proportion 1:8
vegetation top dressing Organic fertilizer "TOR" Top dressing in the soil in May at a ratio of 1:20
Foliar top dressing in June at a ratio of 1:24