Fertilizer Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow Parts A&B

pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow Parts A&B is a two-component base fertilizer for the vegetative stage of plant development. For all types of hydroponic systems.

Brand Advanced Nutrients
planting material Rowan, Currant, Thyme, tomatoes, Dill, Garlic, Spinach, Sorrel, Apple tree, blackberry, Watermelon, Basil, Eggplant, Sweet potato, Grape, Mustard, Pear, Daikon, Melon, Honeysuckle, Cabbage, Potato, Coriander (cilantro), Strawberry, Watercress, Gooseberry, Lemongrass, Onion, Raspberry, Mint, oats, cucumbers, Paprika, Pepper, Parsley, Rape, Radish, Rosemary, Arugula, Beet, Celery, Plum
Purpose Base
View Liquid
Growing method The soil, Substrates, Hydroponics
Phase vegetation
Application Root top dressing
Producing country Canada

Connoisseur Grow – one of Advanced Nutrients' best pH Perfect fertilizers! It is suitable for experienced growers who want to grow a healthy plant and get a large yield of excellent quality. This fertilizer can be used in almost all types of soil, as well as in combination with various additives and Advanced Nutrients boosters. Caution: This remedy should only be used if you are confident in the environment in which you are growing the plant; it is recommended to use it only for plants grown indoors.

Connoisseur Grow – base fertilizer for all types of hydroponic systems; it contains all the nutrients and microelements necessary for the plant. Unlike other hydroponic fertilizers on the market today, this formula, developed by a team of real professionals, is guaranteed to help the expert take the crop to the next level.

Connoisseur Grow – 5 in 1 fertilizer. It contains a special "wetting" a component that allows nutrients to be more easily distributed and better absorbed by the roots of the plant. Also, it contains humic and fulvic acids, which provide better absorption of nutrients and their distribution throughout the plant. Finally, Connoisseur Grow contains amino acids to help produce the protein needed to promote growth, hormone production and essential oils. The price of the product is determined by the ingredients used – the best possible.

On top of all that, Connoisseur Grow is a pH Perfect product, which means it uses patented technology so you don't have to worry about the acid-base balance of your irrigation water anymore. For this technology to work, only supplements and boosters made by Advanced Nutrients should be used.

Connoisseur Grow A & B enters:

Connoisseur Grow Part A:

  • Total Nitrogen - 4%
  • Nitrate nitrogen - 4%
  • Calcium - 3.55%
  • Magnesium - 0.9%
  • Water soluble magnesium - 0.9%
  • Iron - 0.05%
  • Chelated iron - 0.04%

Connoisseur Grow Part B:

  • Total nitrogen - 1%
  • Ammonia nitrogen - 0.1%
  • Nitrate nitrogen - 0.9%
  • Pure phosphate - 2%
  • Soluble potassium carbonate - 7%
  • Sulfur - 1.5%