Fertilizer Hesi TNT Complex

TNT Complex — potent fertilizer with the most gentle effect on the plant for the vegetative stage of growth. For healthy growth in soil and coco.

Brand Hesi
planting material Rowan, Currant, Thyme, tomatoes, Dill, Garlic, Spinach, Sorrel, Apple tree, blackberry, Watermelon, Basil, Eggplant, Sweet potato, Grape, Mustard, Pear, Daikon, Melon, Honeysuckle, Cabbage, Potato, Coriander (cilantro), Strawberry, Watercress, Gooseberry, Lemongrass, Onion, Raspberry, Mint, oats, cucumbers, Paprika, Pepper, Parsley, Rape, Radish, Rosemary, Arugula, Beet, Celery, Plum
Purpose Base
View Liquid
Growing method The soil, Substrates, coco substrate
Phase vegetation
Application Root top dressing
Producing country Netherlands

TNT Complex — This is a powerful fertilizer with the most gentle effect on the plant. Nitrogen, which is part of HESI TNT Complex, — 100% organic (urea).

Benefits of TNT Complex

Components of organic nitrogen do not have an EC level, as they are not salts, but at the same time they contain nitrogen. This means that young plants absorb a minimum amount of salts, which creates ideal growing conditions. Thus, the HESI TNT Complex product has a low EC (Electrical Conductivity) level, and the efficiency level of — very high.

The TNT Complex contains all the essential nutrients and is enriched with vital components such as vitamins, amino acids and vegetable active sugars that guarantee healthy growth. Plants treated with HESI TNT Complex gain many benefits and grow strong with a healthy green color. But don't overdo it, otherwise the plants will grow too tall and at the end of the cycle will spend a lot of energy transporting nutrients from the roots to the top.


  • NPK 3+2+3
  • Nitrogen N 2.8%
  • phosphorus P2O5 2.2%
  • potassium K2O 3.1%
  • Other: magnesium, calcium, sulfates and trace elements such as iron, manganese, zinc and copper in the form of complex compounds (chelates) — boron and molybdenum, plus vitamins B1, B2, B3, vegetable sugars and amino acids.