Honeysuckle saplings grade Delight

Fruits: one-dimensional, large, broadly fusiform

Berry size: 1.6-2.8 gr.

Taste: sweet and sour

Yield: 2.5-5.5 kg per bush

Maturation: early, friendly

Ripening period Early ripe variety
planting material Honeysuckle

Variety of honeysuckle «Vostorg» transferred to the State Variety Testing in 2012.

Vigorous bush – 1.8 m tall, the branches are straight, sparse, which makes the bush seem openwork. The berries separate very easily during picking.

Fruits of Rapture large – 1.6-2.8 g., Widely shaped with a strong wax coating, which makes them look gray.

The taste is harmonious, sweet and sour. The skin is dense, which increases the transportability of the berries.

Ripening honeysuckle – early friendly. Yields are high annually – from 2.5 kg per bush, maximum – 5.5 kg.