Honeysuckle saplings grade Yugana

Fruits: one-dimensional, large, pitcher-shaped

Berry size: 1.4-1.8 gr.

Taste: sweet and sour, dessert

Yield: 3.4-6.5 kg per bush

Maturation: medium, in cool weather – stretched

planting material Honeysuckle

Variety of honeysuckle «Yugana» accepted for State Variety Testing in 2010.

The bush is tall, medium dense, hemispherical, 1.5 m high, 1.9 m in diameter. Convenient for collection. The berries hold well on the branches, are removed easily, without tearing.

Mature fruits of a dark purple color with a wax coating, one-dimensional, pitcher-shaped, with a roller at the top, sometimes rounded. The berries are very large: average weight – 1.4 gr., maximum – 1.8 gr.

The berries have a pleasant dessert taste, sweet with sourness (4.8 points), transportable, good when frozen.

Average yield from a 5-year-old bush – 3.4 kg, maximum – 6.5 kg.

The ripening of berries is average, extended in cool weather. Usually the crop is harvested in two stages.