Honeysuckle in Memory of Gidzyuk

Fruits: medium-large, elongated-cylindrical

Berries Size: 0.9 – 1.1 gr.

Taste: sweet and sour, dessert

Yield: 2.5-3 kg per bush.

Maturation: early, simultaneous.

Ripening period Early ripe variety
planting material Honeysuckle

Variety of honeysuckle «Memory of Gidzyuk» included in the State Register of Russia in 1999.

The bush is undersized, semi-compressed. Shoots thin, curved. The strength of fastening fruits is average, there is no shedding. A manual collection method is assumed.

The berries of honeysuckle are medium-large, elongated-cylindrical, one-dimensional. The taste is sweet and sour, dessert. 

Average weight – 0.9 g, maximum – 1.1 g. The ripening of berries is early, simultaneous. The average yield of adult bushes is 2.5-3 kg.