Honeysuckle saplings grade Narymskaya

Variety: fast growing

Fruits: one-dimensional, oblong-oval or pod-shaped

Berry size: 1.0-1.5 gr.

Taste: sweet and sour

Yield: high – 3-5 kg per bush.

Maturation: early, extended.

Ripening period Early ripe variety
planting material Honeysuckle

Variety of honeysuckle «Narymskaya» included in the State Register of Russia since 2000.

The bush is medium-sized, medium-dense, the skeletal branches are arcuate.

The berries are elongated-oval, sometimes pod-shaped. Dense skin and pulp provide high transportability of fruits.

The taste of honeysuckle is sweet and sour (4.7 points), with a slight aroma. The fruits are large. The mass fluctuates within 1.0 – 1.5 gr.

The fruiting of honeysuckle is plentiful. The yield of 6-10 year old plants reaches 3-5 kg per bush.

Maturation is early, stretched. The lower tier of berries ripens later due to drooping branches. Therefore, it is recommended to harvest in two terms. The shedding of berries is weak, manual picking is suitable.