Honeysuckle seedlings grade I-14-68 elite form

Shape: Elite

Fruits: one-dimensional, large, legumes

Berry size: 1.2 – 1.7 gr.

Yield: 3.4 – 5.5 kg per bush

Ripening period Early ripe variety
planting material Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle variety «I-14-68» highlighted in the elite in 2002.

The bush is tall, rounded, standard, side branches are arched.

Fruits "I-14-68" quite large – the maximum weight of one berry reaches 1.7 gr., the average – 1.2 gr. In appearance, the berries are pod-shaped, of medium consistency, gray with a wax coating with a sweet and sour taste.

The fruiting of honeysuckle is plentiful. Average productivity from one bush 3,4 – 5.5 kg.