Seed mix for sprouting "PICANT"

Weight: 100 gr

Growing: 5-7 days

Taste: spicy, spicy

Use: alone and as an addition to dishes.

Benefits: Strengthening the whole organism as a whole. 

Ingredients: Daikon-25g, Onion-25g, Mustard-25g, Cilantro-25g

microgreen seeds microgreen seeds

Seeds in the "Piquant" selected for those who appreciate spicy spiciness and bitterness in the taste of dishes. The set includes daikon, onion, mustard and cilantro microgreen seeds. Their sprouts can be used as an independent dish, added to salads and other dishes.

In order for microgreens to preserve and give you the maximum of their useful properties, they are cut off on the 5th-7th day of growth, consumed fresh and stored in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days.

Microgreens from the Pikatny mix has a general strengthening and healing effect on the body:

  • Daikon normalization of weight, body cleansing, increased immunity and general tone, anti-inflammatory effect..
  • Bow – supports the cardiovascular system, improves immunity, prevention of SARS.
  • Cilant – has a healing effect, normalization of sugar and cholesterol levels, improvement of the condition of teeth, nails, strengthening of vision, health of the reproductive system..
  • Mustard - nimproving immunity and body resistance to infections, viruses, radiation. Help with colds, flu, SARS, migraines. Acceleration of metabolism, normalization of weight.

VASKhNiL Nursery offers to buy a mix of seeds «Pikantny» for germination at an affordable price. We have all the necessary preparations and equipment for self-growing microgreens at home.