Mix of seeds for sprouting "MALE POWER"

Weight: 100 gr

Growing: 5-7 days

Use: fresh; addition to any dishes.

Benefits: strengthening men's health.

Ingredients: Dill-25g, Celery-25g, Parsley-25g, Watercress-25g

microgreen seeds microgreen seeds

Seeds in the mix for sprouting «Men's power» selected taking into account the characteristics of the male body, aimed at maintaining health with an intensive lifestyle and great physical activity.

It contains seeds: dill, parsley, celery and watercress. The grown shoots from the set are recommended to be consumed fresh both on their own and added to salads, cocktails, smoothies, and other dishes.

Microgreens are collected for 5-7 days, 3-6 cm high. Stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days without loss of nutrients. To get the maximum benefit from microgreens, it is advisable to cut just before use.

Seeds in the "Male Power" mix designed to support the work of the heart, blood vessels, muscles, nervous and reproductive systems of men, increase the endurance of the body as a whole.

Dill -the most useful herb for men — treats the entire genitourinary system. Chop it anywhere, eat it with potatoes, fresh vegetables, etc... This is the best Russian seasoning. And without the health of the kidneys and prostate, what is the potency?

Parsley is an aphrodisiac that stimulates the production of testosterone and the normalization of hormonal levels.

Cress – increases potency, normalizes blood pressure, improves digestion.

Celery- aphrodisiac and herbal analogue male sex hormones, for due to the beneficial effect of which a man improves reproductive function. Celery for men, it is useful primarily because it increases libido and potency.

VASKHNiL nursery offers to buy a mix of seeds «Male power» at an affordable price. We have all the necessary preparations and equipment for self-germination of microgreens at home.