Mix of seeds for sprouting "IMMUNE"

Weight: 100 gr

Growing: 5-7 days

Use: fresh; addition to any dishes.

Benefits: strengthening immunity, prevention of influenza and SARS.

Ingredients:  ;Arugula-25g, Radish-25g, Rutabaga-25g, Clover-25g

Seeds in the mix for germination «Immune» selected taking into account the characteristics of the body, aimed at maintaining the immune system, preventing influenza and ARVI diseases.

It contains seeds: arugula, radish, swede, clover. The grown shoots from the set are recommended to be consumed fresh both on their own and added to salads, cocktails, smoothies, and other dishes.

Microgreens are collected for 5-7 days, 3-6 cm high. Stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days without loss of nutrients. To get the maximum benefit from microgreens, it is advisable to cut just before use.

Seeds in the "Immune" mix designed to support the work of the whole organism as a whole.

Arugula-prevention of cancer, thyroid dysfunction, increased immunity, strengthening of blood vessels, normalization of sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood.

Radish- weight loss, maintaining beauty and youth, preventing diabetes, gout, cancer, strengthening immunity.

Rutabaga immunostimulant, slowing down aging, cell regeneration.

Clover- immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal agent, cleansing the body, etc.< /span>