Substrate Biobizz All Mix

Biobizz All-Mix potting soil will provide the plants with everything they need throughout the entire cycle. You just have to plant the plant.
Brand BioBizz
Producing country Netherlands

Biobizz All-Mix literally does everything for you, that is, it creates an optimal environment in which plants feel great throughout the year. This generously fertilized substrate can replace a full-fledged open ground with an active microbial ecosystem. It has been developed to provide lush growth for several weeks without the need for additional fertilizer.

Before using Biobizz All Mix, thoroughly moisten it with water and leave it for 36 hours. Thus, microorganisms from the Pre-Mix mixture, which is part of the substrate, will begin their work even before the plants get into it.

Always keep the soil warm, otherwise microbial activity is reduced and it becomes more difficult for plants to grow. It is also worth giving the soil the opportunity to dry out between waterings: when All Mix dries out, air gets inside and the soil breathes.