Substrate Plagron Lightmix

Soil mix  Plagron Lightmix – a mixture of the best, carefully selected peat varieties, contains perlite and fibers of different types, which enrich this substrate with oxygen. Contains a ready-made complex of fertilizers, which is enough for 1 week for a quick start.

Brand Plagron
Producing country Netherlands

Plagron Lightmix Earth contains a minimal amount of nutrients, which allows you to independently decide which additives you will use when growing.

Greatest yields are achieved when used in conjunction with Terra Grow, Terra Bloom and Plagron additives. Lightmix contains all the necessary fertilizers for the first week, enhances the growth of the root system due to the low electrical conductivity. 


  • Black peat,
  • white peat,
  • peat moss fibers
  • perlite