Manual chain reducer SLC-S802

  • Torque: ≤60nm. Deceleration ratio: 1:5.
  • Supplied with carriage for 22mm, 25mm, 27mm and 32mm guide tube
  • Chain length 2 meters.

The manual chain reducer SLC-S802 is used in ventilation systems for rolling up the film sheet in arcuate sections, on the roof of the greenhouse, for side ventilation.

Can be used to open end windows.

Manual chain lifter is designed to organize ventilation openings in the greenhouse by winding the film on the shaft.

Raises and folds a window leaf up to 70m long.

Output torque: ≤60nm. Deceleration ratio: 1:5.

Includes a carriage for a guide tube with a diameter of 22, 25, 27 and 32 mm.

The length of the chain is 2 meters.