Film NEVA Premium thickness 150 microns width 4 meters (half-sleeve 2 m)

  • Film thickness: 150 µm
  • Material: Polyethylene with EVA
  • Film spread width: 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 meters
  • Length of film per roll: 50, 100 meters
  • Color: transparent, reflective color matt white;
  • Service life: from 5 years
Brand NEVA Premium
Film thickness 150 µm
Film width 3, 4, 6, 7, 8

Perennial greenhouse film NEVA Premiummade from m-LLDPE, EVA, PE composition with modifying additives.

NEVA Premium film for greenhouses is suitable for use in agricultural and country greenhouses in all regions.

Key properties of NEVA Premium greenhouse film
  • Multi-year - 5 years without removal for the winter;
  • Multilayer - produced on a modern three-layer film machine;
  • Modified - with additives to improve properties:
          - high-strength, resistant to puncture and cracking
          - maintains high light transmission during the entire service life
          - UV resistant
  • Polyethylene - made of high quality polyethylene;
  • Heat and frost resistant – operating temperature range from plus 60°С to minus 80°С;
  • Wind and hail resistant;
  • Hydrophilic;
  • Economical - low price with excellent quality;
  • Width up to 8 meters;
  • Color – transparent.

Additives for greenhouse film NEVA Premium

UV - An ultraviolet additive stabilizes the film and prevents it from breaking down under the influence of ultraviolet rays

AF - The antifog additive attracts moisture, so no droplets form in the greenhouse

mLLDPE - Metallocene linear polyethylene film properties:

  • high strength
  • wind and hail resistance
  • service life up to 5 years without removal for the winter

Long-term greenhouse film NEVA Premium REFLECTIVE translucent, matte white. It protects plants from overheating. NEVA Premium REFLECTIVE film is used when growing shade-loving crops, rooting cuttings and seedlings, including coniferous crops, as well as for sheltering coniferous and shade-loving plants for the winter.