Film for greenhouses multi-year 3-layer thickness 120 microns

  • UV4 (4 seasons)
  • Film thickness: 120 µm
  • Film spread width: 8.9 meters
  • Length of film per roll: 50 meters
  • Color: Green
  • Lifetime: 12 - 60 months
  • Used to cover all types of greenhouses
Brand Planet Plastic
Film thickness 120 µm
Film width 8, 9


  • UV4 (4 seasons)
  • Thickness 120 µm;
  • Width 8.9 m;
  • Length 50 m.
  • Color: Green

Professional greenhouse films produced by Planet Plastic LLC used to cover large greenhouses and hotbeds and have light-stabilizing, anti-fog, optical and increased strength characteristics.

The width of the film allows you to cover the greenhouse up to 600 sq.m with one sheet.

This greenhouse film does not need to be removed for the winter, as it is frost-resistant.

The films are produced by multilayer co-extrusion, which provides a much higher mechanical strength of the films in both the longitudinal and transverse directions, compared to conventional single-layer films. This advantage is achieved by including different additives in each of the three layers of the film.

The roll is packed in a thick, durable polyethylene foam film, which helps protect products from mechanical damage during transportation