Film for greenhouses Udacha thickness 200 microns

  • Film thickness: 200 µm
  • Snow load: 150.0 (kg/m2)
  • Film spread width: 3.6 meters
  • Length of film per roll: 50 meters
  • Color: transparent
  • Lifetime: 12 - 48 months
  • Used to cover all types of greenhouses
Brand SibAgroTech
Film thickness 200 µm
Film width 3, 6


  • Thickness 200 µm;
  • Width 3.6 m;
  • Length 50 m.
  • Color: transparent
  • Snow load: 150.0 (kg/m2)

Greenhouse long-term 3-layer film "UDacha" up to 6 meters wide and with a guaranteed service life of up to 5 seasons!

Professional greenhouse films produced by SibAgroTech are used to cover large greenhouses and greenhouses.

This greenhouse film does not need to be removed for the winter, as it is frost-resistant.

The films are produced by multilayer co-extrusion, which provides a much higher mechanical strength of the films both in the longitudinal and transverse directions, compared to conventional single-layer films.