Band sawmill 11 kW with automatic lowering of the saw carriage

Distinctive features of a band sawmill:
• Balanced pulleys;
The flexible saw tension system reduces the load on the blade itself, prolonging its life;
Cantilever frame;
The simplicity of the design allows you to get perfectly even lumber.

Band sawmill PLG-2M console type

Popular sawmill, has several modifications for any request. Designed to produce export quality lumber. According to the owners, it is comparable to expensive imported sawmills.



1. Perfectly balanced pulleys

Pulleys made of sheet steel are installed on the sawmill. This technology allows you to achieve better quality balancing pulleys.

2. Flexible saw tension system

A trap-thread system is used to tension the bandsaw blade. This is the best solution, especially for extending the life of the band saw itself.

3. Screw carriage movement

The screw mechanism allows you to quickly adjust to the desired sawing size and provides a processing accuracy of 0.5 mm over a length of 6 meters of lumber.

4. Easy change of sawing angle

For the convenience of sawing, it is sometimes necessary to quickly change the angle of movement of the blade. In our sawmill, this is realized with just two bolts.

5. Using shield guides

Shield guides have a number of advantages over roller guides. The main one is the correct geometry of the lumber, even with incorrectly set saw teeth.

6. Delivery throughout Russia

You can order and buy a sawmill from us. We accept cash, bank transfer and card payments. We will deliver the sawmill to the transport company free of charge within two days from the date of payment. We deliver to all regions of Russia.

Delivery set

Saw carriage - 1 pc.
Stops for the log - 3 pcs.
Rail track jumpers - 6 pcs.
Saw - 1 pc .
Operating manual - 1 pc.
Set of drawings for assembly - 1 pc.


Overall dimensions, mm - 1.90 x 1.55 x 0.60
Log diameter - no more than 720 mm
Log length - no more than 6200 mm
Width Saw blade - 18-35 mm
Saw blade thickness - 0.8-1.1 mm
Saw blade length - 3700 mm
Saw speed - 34 m/s
Weight - 368 kg < br />Productivity - 10-12 m3 per shift

What is our advantage?

The Izumrudny LesТМ company has been supplying the market with woodworking equipment and tools of its own design since 2000. We guarantee the price without markups, the supply of components, spare parts and related tools. Each customer can get detailed advice on the installation and operation of the PLG-2M band sawmill.

Production of wooden greenhouses

Examples of wooden greenhouses that can be made using the PLG-2M band sawmill: