Salt removal solution Flora Kleen

Flora Kleen Salt Removal Solution is specially formulated to clean hydroponic systems of fertilizer, plant and soil residues that build up over time. The solution is safe to use in any systems and containers during plant growth.

Brand General Hydroponics
View Liquid
Growing method Hydroponics
Phase vegetation, Bloom
Application Root top dressing
Producing country France

GHE Flora Kleen is absolutely safe, it can be used even during the growth and development of plants in any containers and systems. It is also used both before planting new plants, and after harvest. Flora Kleen does not use enzymes, its manufacturing technology is unique, unlike other similar substances on the market.

This tool is used throughout the entire time of plant development. Flora Kleen helps to quickly dissolve accumulated mineral salts. It also relieves plants from stress due to nutrient overdoses or imbalances. The drug destroys the bundles of nutrients that attach mineral salts to the vessels. It releases blocked nutrients. Favorably affects the microbacterial environment of the substrate.


  • can be used throughout all phases of plant growth.
  • dissolves accumulated mineral salts
  • reduces plant stress from excess or imbalanced nutrients
  • breaks down the nutrient bonds that attach salts to blood vessels
  • corrects nutrient blockage
  • friendly to the microbacterial environment of the substrate