Active ingredient: Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis, titer not less than 3x109 CFU/g

Brand SibBioTech
Pest type mosquito larvae
View Dry
Growing method The soil, coco substrate
Application spraying
Producing country Russia
plant care Pest control

A low-hazard, effective agent for the control of mosquito larvae of all types, designed for use in tanks of any type, basements, hydraulic structures and other mosquito breeding areas.

This is an intestinal poison for all types of mosquito larvae. Once in the body of the larva, the toxin causes a violation of the digestive process, toxicosis and death.

The time of death of larvae varies from several hours to several days and depends on the concentration of the working suspension, the age and physiological state of the larvae, as well as on the hydrological and biocenotic characteristics of the reservoir.