Mycorrhiza Rastea Organic

RO mycoRRizae (Mycorrhiza Rastea Organic) is mycelium and spores of mycorrhizal fungi on a nutrient substrate.

Brand RasTea
planting material Rowan, Celery, Plum, Currant, Thyme, tomatoes, Dill, Garlic, Spinach, Sorrel, Apple tree, blackberry, Watermelon, Basil, Eggplant, Sweet potato, Grape, Mustard, Pear, Daikon, Melon, Honeysuckle, Cabbage, Potato, Coriander (cilantro), Strawberry, Watercress, Gooseberry, Lemongrass, Onion, Raspberry, Mint, oats, cucumbers, Paprika, Pepper, Parsley, Rape, Radish, Rosemary, Arugula, Beet
Purpose Stimulant
View Dry
Growing method Substrates, coco substrate, The soil
Phase Bloom, vegetation, Protection
Application Root top dressing
Producing country Russia

RO mycoRRizae — these are mycelium and spores of mycorrhizal fungi on a nutrient substrate. Simply add the granules before planting the plant in the hole, or make an indentation with a stick and place the granules there. RO mycoRRizae forms a symbiosis with roots during the first two weeks after application and colonizes the entire substrate by the 40th day. All you can do for mycorrhiza — keep the soil from drying out and use mulch. A pot in which mycorrhiza has established itself can be considered a living ecosystem and used to grow plants for many cycles.

Benefits of RO mycoRRizae:

  • increases plant yield, provides lush flowering;
  • prevents the development of pathogenic fungal infections and nematodes;
  • increases root area;
  • increases soil moisture capacity — reduces the need for watering;
  • due to symbiosis with the fungus, the plant has stronger immunity;
  • prevents the leaching of phosphorus from the root zone.


Make a recess in the substrate, place the capsule in the root space, bury