Rooting stimulator GreenFuse Root

Green Fuse Root is an organic root stimulator that contains a profile of natural ingredients that develops the root system and nourishes the young plant as it establishes itself.

Brand Growth Technology
planting material Rowan, Currant, Thyme, tomatoes, Dill, Garlic, Spinach, Sorrel, Apple tree, blackberry, Watermelon, Basil, Eggplant, Sweet potato, Grape, Mustard, Pear, Daikon, Melon, Honeysuckle, Cabbage, Potato, Coriander (cilantro), Strawberry, Watercress, Gooseberry, Lemongrass, Onion, Raspberry, Mint, oats, cucumbers, Paprika, Pepper, Parsley, Rape, Radish, Rosemary, Arugula, Beet, Celery, Plum
Purpose Stimulant
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Growing method The soil, Substrates, Hydroponics
Phase root formation
Application Root top dressing
Producing country Great Britain

GreenFuse Root contains natural ingredients that will help the growth of the root system of a young plant. It can be applied at all stages of plant germination to seedlings or young plants. This tool will help the plant increase stress tolerance and become stable.


  • GreenFuse stimulants are made in a Dutch laboratory from highly concentrated natural plant extracts
  • The stimulants have been commercially tested with amazing results
  • GreenFuse stimulants are completely organic and have no harmful effects on plants, people or the environment. They can be used freely in the greenhouse, garden, and even indoors where you grow plants