Fertilizer BIOCANNA Bio Flores

Organic fertilizer for plants at the flowering stage. The fertilizer is intended for cultivation on the ground, in closed and open ground

planting material Honeysuckle, Pepper, Rape, Rowan, Plum, Currant, tomatoes, Apple tree, blackberry, Watermelon, Eggplant, Sweet potato, Grape, Mustard, Pear, Melon, Strawberry, Gooseberry, Lemongrass, Raspberry, oats, cucumbers, Paprika
Purpose Base
View Liquid
Growing method The soil, Substrates
Phase Bloom
Application Root top dressing
Producing country Netherlands

Availability and the right combination of nutrients play an important role during the flowering phase. Bio Flores ensures the availability of balanced nutrients, taking into account the buffering properties of soil mixtures. In this way, Bio Flores stimulates the formation of fruits, and also contains all the nutrients that the plant needs during flowering. Hops extract is one of the ingredients of Bio Flores, and thanks to its characteristics, Bio Flores provides the plant with essential minerals in natural proportions. Hop extract contains substances such as lupulin, luparol, lupulon, and humulon for more abundant flowering.