YaraLiva NITRABOR / Nitrabor

YaraLiva NITRABOR (Yara Liva Nitrabor) is calcium nitrate with boron in a unique shell. The fertilizer is intended for dry application to the soil. Has good solubility

Brand Yara
Purpose Base
View Dry
Growing method The soil, Substrates
Phase vegetation, Bloom
Application Root top dressing
Producing country Netherlands
plant care top dressing

Nitrabor fertilizer is used for the main processing, in the form of local application and top dressing in the early phases of growth and development. Boron, which is contained in the fertilizer, provides good flowering and fruit formation, strong and elastic tissues in plants. Improves fruit quality. Increases plant resistance to disease.

YaraLiva NITRABOR increases the resistance of plants to stressful situations (sudden temperature changes, disease damage), improves the keeping quality of marketable products during storage.

Shape: Granules

When spreading fertilizer, the solid structure of the granules ensures the integrity of the particles and promotes uniform distribution. Once in the soil, the granules quickly dissolve and interact with plants.

Fertilizer composition:

N total -- 15.4%

  • Nitrate N-NO3 -- 14.1%
  • Ammonia N-NH4 -- 1.3%

Ca -- 18.3%

B -- 0.3%