YaraTera Calcinit / Calcinitis

YaraTera CALCINIT  (YaraTera Calcinite) is a completely water-soluble calcium nitrate (calcium nitrate) designed for use in greenhouses for fertilizing various crops.

Used in fertigation and hydroponics, no risk of clogging drip irrigation systems.

Brand Yara
Purpose Base
View Dry
Growing method The soil, Substrates, Hydroponics
Phase vegetation, Bloom
Application Root top dressing, spraying
Producing country Netherlands
plant care top dressing


  • N total - 15.5%
  • Nitrate N-NO3 - 14.4%
  • Ammonia N-NH - 41.1%
  • Ca - 19%
  • CaO - 26.5%

Calcinite is used in protected and open ground for root and foliar top dressing through all irrigation systems.

It can be used for foliar top dressing.

The amount and norms of top dressing are specified depending on the agrochemical indicators of the soil, the requirements of the cultivated crop, the planned harvest, the technology used, water quality and weather conditions.

1. Indoor soil - 0.05-0.2% (0.5-2 kg / 1000 l of water);
2. Open ground - 0.1-0.2% (1-2 kg / 1000 l of water).

Sheet feeding:
1. Field crops - 1-2% (1-2 kg/100 l of water)
2. Fruit crops - 4% (4 kg/100 l of water; 25-50 kg/ha)

It is strongly not recommended to mix calcium nitrate with fertilizers containing phosphates and sulfates, due to the precipitation of batteries in an insoluble precipitate. YaraLiva CALCINIT should be applied separately from other complex fertilizers.