Yara Folicare 18-18-18

Yara Folicare 18-18-18 (Yara Folikea 18-18-18) A balanced complex NPK fertilizer and trace elements for effective foliar feeding of any crops using any growing technology.

Brand Yara
Purpose Base
View Dry
Growing method Substrates, The soil
Phase vegetation
Application spraying
Producing country Netherlands
plant care top dressing

Folikea 18-18-18 is a complex mineral fertilizer specially created for foliar applications with a complete set of all nutrients.

Applied throughout the growing season on all crops.

Increases vitality and stimulates plant growth.


N total 18%

  • Nitrate N-NO3 -- 5.3%
  • Ammonia N-NH4 -- 4.8%
  • Urea N-NH2 -- 7.8%

P2O5 -- 18%

K2O --18%

Mg --0.9%

MgO --1.5%

S --2.9%

SO3-- 7.3%


Cu --0.1%

Fe --0.2%

Mn --0.1%

Mo --0.01%