Honeysuckle Siberian

Variety: fast growing

Fruits: large, fusiform

Berry size: 1.0-1.4 gr.

Taste: sweet, fragrant

Yield: high – 3.2-3.8 kg per bush.

Maturation: early, friendly.

Shipping and pickup: бронирование на сентябрь/октябрь 2022 года
Ripening period Early ripe variety
planting material Honeysuckle

Variety of honeysuckle "Sibiryachka" included in the State Register of Russia since 2000.

The bush is medium-sized, medium-dense, sprawling. Shoots are curved with a hanging top. Fastening of berries is good – do not crumble.

The berries are fusiform, slightly curved, dark purple in color with a slight wax coating.

Honeysuckle "Siberian" It has a very sweet taste (5 points) and a pronounced aroma. Large berries 1.0-1.4 gr.

The variety is early-growing, annually and abundantly bears fruit. Ripening early, friendly. Fruiting is plentiful. Productivity at the age of 8-13 is 3.2-3.7 kg per bush.