Honeysuckle 4-13-87 elite form

Shape: Elite

Fruits: one-dimensional, large

Berry Size:  1.4 – 2.2 gr.

Yield:  to  5 kg per bush

Ripening period Mid-early variety
planting material Honeysuckle

Elite honeysuckle "4-13-87" (Emerald) – one of the largest & nbsp; and fruitful in their segment.

The average weight of berries  reaches – 1.4 g, maximum – 2.2 g  Harvest – up to 5 kg per bush.

A bush with numerous straight shoots, wide matte dark green leaves with a bluish tint. With age, it thickens more and more, which slightly reduces the value of the variety.

The berries are sweet and sour, with a pleasant tart flavor.

The fruits are hidden under the leaves, so they ripen unevenly. The berry crumbles, so the collection most often occurs by shaking.