Facade mesh in Passaic

Facade mesh for summer cottages and gardening

Facade mesh, which was originally intended to protect scaffolding, has found its application in agriculture. Gardeners are happy to use it for improvement and crop protection.

Variants of using the construction mesh on the plot and in agriculture.

  • Lawn Design
    The grass grows through uniform holes in the mesh and forms a uniform "green carpet". Also, the facade mesh protects the lawn from moles.
  • Decoration of hedges, house walls, etc.
    Facade mesh can be used to decorate house walls, outbuildings, fences, arbors.  As a basis for "live" hedges.
  • Plant support
    The facade mesh material supports the shoots of beans, peas, cucumbers, grapes or flowers with tall stems.
    The mesh is spread on the bed, seeds are planted in its holes. As the material grows, it is lifted and fixed on supports.
  • Protection against rodents
    Young trees and shrubs are protected from rodents with a facade mesh that prevents nibbling of the bark, while allowing air and sunlight to pass through.
  • Sun protection
    Facade mesh protects plants from the scorching sun, including in greenhouses made of polyethylene or glass. It creates a shadow, leaving air access.
  • Harvest drying
    The mesh material is excellent for drying crops (onions, root crops, etc.) before their packaging, as well as for drying berries, fruits.

In the VASKhNiL Nursery you can buy facade mesh in rolls for agricultural needs of various densities, from 50 m.